MicroFIT is Ontario’s program for small solar power systems. In most cases your local power company is obliged to buy any power you make for a period of twenty years. As the price of systems has fallen dramatically in the last few years, the program has become very popular.

Your local distribution company on behalf of the Ontario Power Authority is offering a guaranteed fixed price of up to 39.6 cents per kWh (for rooftop) and 29.1 cents per kWh (for ground mount) that your system produces for the next 20 years! This price can lead to earnings of up to $90,000 on a 10 kW system.

Contact us for more information about this amazing opportunity to generate an income with solar and to receive a free quote!

If you’re interested in solar power for a home that’s already connected to the power grid to generate an income, you might find our MicroFIT FAQs useful.

Is there any financing available?
TD Canada Trust, the green bank, has extensive financing available for solar projects of all sizes. They have a web site dedicated to these programs available here: http://www.tdcanadatrust.com/products-services/banking/green-banking/index.jsp


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