What is LED Lighting?

The letters LED stand for light-emitting diode. In an LED, electrons flow through a semiconductor material which makes it possible to create light. A small amount of heat is released, but according to the Energy Star website, the heat that well designed LED products generate is so minimal that they feel cool to the humane touch.

LED’s belong to a family called Solid-State lighting. Solid-State lighting (SSL) is revolutionizing lighting as we know it. By adopting LED lighting in Canada alone we can see extensive savings in the billions of dollars which substantially reduce electricity demand.

LED’s are more light and energy efficient than incandescent and compact fluorescent light.

This technology is still being developed but developers have succeeded in making LED brighter, most LED lighting not long ago was more suited to task lighting but now becoming more useful for general and ambient lighting. Often, a number of tiny LED’s are used in a single fixture to make it brighter.

The only real disadvantage consumers are concerned about is the cost. However, LED’s are constantly dropping in price and last much longer than incandescent’s or even CFL’s making them much more affordable in the long run.

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